What is The Kuhluka Movement About?
Kuhluka Movement is a non-profit civil society mass organisation

Directed at combating the violation of rights of women.
Founded on the principals of advocacy and mitigation, Kuhluka bridges the gap between giving a voice to women survivors through rehabilitation.

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Through this Initiative
Kuhluka seeks to..

Find a platform that prevents abuse of women by bringing custodians of culture together to find ways that interrogate derogatory practices & traditions, and questions the behaviours that foster an environment that tolerates violence towards women..

Beyond Advocacy and Dialogue
Kuhluka ensures..

The provision of comprehensive and specialised counselling, legal and health services to survivors of domestic violence.

This movement

A platform for engagement between women and other societal groups through dialogues and campaigns for the elimination of Gender Based Violence..

The meaning of “Kuhluka”

The word Kuhluka means “rebirth” in Tchopi, a language of Vatsonga of the southern region of Mozambique
This word has been chosen as an invocation of the power and resilience of millions of women who survive, regenerate and rebuild their lives in spite of the brutal abuse that they go through. Our Projects..

  • Phoenix Homes

    A range of temporary safety spaces for women who are survivors of violence, which provide comprehensive support services..

  • Advocacy

    This component focuses on promoting intergenerational and multi-sectoral dialogues on the role of women and men in the violence against women discourse, particularly from a cultural perspective, through inculcating the following initiatives.

  • Research And Development

    Research and Development (R&D) is a crucial part of the organisation. Due to the numerous variations of cultural beliefs and practices within Southern Africa, R&D will continuously capture existing knowledge and research ancient and contemporary trends. The knowledge generated will be used to affect social change.

  • Governance

    Kuhluka will be run under the auspices of a Board of trustees, which will comprise of individuals experienced in a broad range of subjects relating to women rights, culture, health and empowerment on the African Continent. An International Advisory Board will be constituted.

  • Fact

    35% of women globally, have either experienced some form of gender abuse or intimate partner violence..

  • Fact

    One in every three women experiences physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

Josina Z Machel

Using her story to empower women who have gone through and are still going through the experience of abuse.